The pink cycling path “Riviera Piave”

The ideal path to discover the  landscapes and the secrets of Cortellazzo cycling.

Cycling is a pursuit that more and more people do, since it is an ecological, healthy experience and suitable for the whole family. The pink Riviera Piave cycling path is part of the six cycling routes studied and designed with the participation of the Jesolo Heritage to complement the tourist offerings of the area.

Itinerary: the pink Riviera Piave cycling route has as its point of departure and arrival at the center of the village of Cortellazzo.

Description: the pink Riviera Piave cycling path is partly excavated and partly follows concrete roads, uncrowded.

The departure is at the Center of Cortellazzo, continues along via Colombo Cavalli where you can enjoy the horses of the riding stables in the area. It continues on via Posteselle and it goes through the village of Cà Pirami; then goes to Via dei Moreri, switches to the dirt road of Via Salici and continues along Via Piave Nuovo along the river. Then it follows Via Massaua-Golena del Piave to return to the starting point in the Center of Cortellazzo.

The difficulty of the pink Riviera Piave cycling path is average.

The location is ideal in spring, autumn and summer afternoons.

Length: 23.6 km

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