The blue cycling path “La campana”

Visit Jesolo by bike: a new perspective of vacation.

The blue cycling path is part of the six cycling routes studied and designed with the participation of Jesolo Heritage to complement the tourist offerings of the area.  Cycling is a choice that more and more people make, since it is an ecological, healthy experience and suitable for the whole family.

To encourage the use of bicycles in Jesolo there is the bike sharing service, or the bike sharing. The service is free.

Itinerary: the blue cycling path has as its point of departure and arrival Piazza 1° maggio in the country of Jesolo.

Description: the blue cycling path begins in Jesolo in Piazza 1° maggio. Continues along Via Donizetti, then takes Via Roma Sinistra; Subsequently continues to Via Castellana, reaches Via Piave Nuovo and proceeds on Via Canalcalmo, then along Via San Marco, at the end of which returns to the starting point: Piazza 1° maggio in the country of Jesolo.

The difficulty of the blue cycling path is low.

The location is ideal in spring, autumn and summer afternoons.

Length: 15 km

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