The truffle of Arsiè is a gastronomic excellence in the area of the Belluno Prealps. It is a fruit of the earth, known since antiquity, suffice it to say that there are evidences that attest the use of truffles in the culinary field already at the time of the ancient Sumerians.

The truffle is counted in the two major cultures of ancient Greek and Roman. In fact, legend has it that the ancient Greeks gave freedom to the son of a slave only because he had invented a recipe made with truffles, and that the ancient Romans have placed the precious tuber under the protection of Venus because they were convinced of its power as an aphrodisiac.

In the middle ages, the truffle was considered the son of lightning and thunder, while between the eighteenth century and the nineteenth century it began to be used by rich merchants as a commodity to trade.

In the municipality overlooking the Lake of Corlo you can find different types of truffles ranging from the prized truffle, the Scorzone truffle,the Ordinary truffle, the Hooked truffle up to the Winter truffle.

To collect the truffle of Arsiè you must be bearing the badge of eligibility, with the aid of a maximum of two dogs.

The holes should be compulsorily covered once the truffle of Arsiè is extracted.




Arsiè - Territorio circostante il Lago del Corlo