Kodinzon is a conserve made from the dry  pulp of apples from the Belluno area. It is a P.A.T. product typical for the area San Zenon of Sospirolo; the name owes its origin to kodinz which in Belluno dialect means piece of dried apple.

Kodinzon has existed for at least 5 centuries, and has been recently patented by Mrs. Agnese Lise of Sospirolo. About 9-10 kg of apples are used to produce approximately 1 Kg of finished product.

Kodinzon is a typical delicacy of the folk culture in Belluno, which arises from the need of farmers of useful energy foods to survive during hard work in the fields or in the mountains. The kodinzon was also produced, in particular, to be then given to children during the Christmas period. It is very chewy and candy-like, very sweet in flavour and is consumed in small pieces. It requires no addition of sugar, is completely natural and considered to be high in energy.

The technique that produces the kodinzon was used in the past for drying apricots, pears, plums and peaches. Apples used to produce this delicacy are ancient varieties of the Belluno area: Rosette apples,Renette apples, apples Ferro Cesio.




I frutti sbucciati sono tagliati a pezzetti e cotti fino a ottenere un purè che viene disteso sopra una grata di metallo e posto ad asciugare in un essiccatoio.

Dopo 24 ore le sfoglie, spesse pochi millimetri, sono tagliate in pezzi più piccoli o in barrette e possono essere consumate.

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