The naturalistic Oasis of the Santa Croce Lake is spread  mostly between the mouths of  Tesa and old Tesa and is often flooded by the Lake.

The Oasis is an ideal habitat for many species of fish: Perch, Whitefish and Samperiolo, for some mollusks such as Gastropods and Bivalves, and Waterfowl in the summertime: Crested grebe, the Kite and the Mallard, and many more.

The Oasis has a thick flora including: White willow, Black Alder, the Wild Rose, the Privet and Hawthorn.

The most unstable environment in terms of flora and fauna of the whole oasis is the boundary between water and land, which also suffers from radical transformations because of the raising or lowering of the water.

There are many viable itineraries throughout the year. Among these it is important to highlight the contribution that will transform the path along the Lake between the beach of Farra and Poiatte in a scenic pedestrian and cycle path accessible to wheelchairs.


16 - farra d'alpago - oasi naturalistica lago santa croce

Oasi naturalistica - Farra d'Alpago (BL), 32015