The Museum of Zoche and Tarsia is located in St. Gregory  in the  Alps (BL), in the town’s main square, Piazza Cavalieri of Vittorio Veneto.

Inaugurated in 2012 with the commitment of the municipality and the Pro Loco, the new “Museum of Zoche and Tarsia ” found in the renovated building near the Church of the capital, in a more central location, spacious and suitable for cultural events.

The exhibition gathers over 250 carvings, one of the country’s main resources, made by masters and  by ordinary citizens with the materials available in locally.

In addition, visitors can admire a section of the museum dedicated to the tarsia, an ancient technique that could be lost, but that over time the Museum and the administration are bringing back into vogue in order not to lose a valuable piece of identity of Saint Gregory in the Alps.

There is also a third section in the Museum, dedicated to a collection of old prints donated by Damiano Miari Fulcis, honorary citizen of the country.

The new cultural center, besides hosting the rooms of the Museum, is also a place for meetings and activities for the entire country, through courses, shows, exhibitions and conferences of all kinds held in the Tina Merlin hall, a journalist famous for her complaint about the Vajont disaster.

02 - San Gregorio nelle Alpi - Museo delle zoche e della tarsia

Piazza Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto, San Gregorio Nelle Alpi, BL, Italia



Il museo è aperto la domenica dalle 15 alle 18 o su prenotazione.