Lake Santa Croce is a natural lake located in the province of Belluno, in the Alpago basin, bordering the province of Treviso.

The basin was artificially enlarged in the 1930s with the development of the hydroelectric dam of ENEL and located north of the reservoir, has always been one of the focal points of economic activities and tourism in the area.

Its main tributaries are the Cellina Canal, a deviation of the Piave historically used to allow the work of factories in the area, and the creek Tesa, while the only emissary is the creek Rai, a confluence in Piave: which plays an essential role for the outflow when the Lake is  filled.

The basin of the Lake Santa Croce is appreciated by residents and tourists in all seasons for some peculiar features: spectacular scenery, it is nestled in the mountains but not far from the plains; a warm enough climate which allows in spring and summer sunbathing beaches on the shores of the lake; a cool breeze, excellent for walking and for the development of water sports like windsurfing, kite-surfing,boat sailing; the abundant waters and fishing grounds, where fans can find perch, pike and the typical example of this basin, the “samperiòl”.

11 - farra d'alpago - lago di santa croce
13 - farra d'alpago - lago di santa croce

Lago di Santa Croce, BL, Italia