The Cortellazzo Basin

A sea port, from the Piave to the Adriatic Sea.

The Cortellazzo basin was built following the flood of Piave, a tragic phenomenon in 1935, following which, the mouth of the Piave river moved west two miles or so, and gave birth to the Lagoon del Mort, one of the most beautiful beaches of Italy.

The Cortellazzo basin is about 1 km from its twin basin Revedoli (Heraclea), built around the same time, following the same river phenomenon. The basin measures approximately 90 meters by 20 meters; It has a water drought of 3.5 meters and a clearance of 10 feet.

Once there were keepers watching over the two houses which are now abandoned. Originally there were two gates closing at an acute angle towards the Piave so that in cases of high tide they could be independent, while during periods of low water in the Piave they were opened. All that remains of these gates are the winches used for their manual opening.

The Cortellazzo basin has lost its original purpose due to the lack of ports: without them the ship transit through the artifact is difficult, if not impossible. The basin lies unused.




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