The Lamon bean Feast is one of the most popular events in the area, held every year on the third weekend of September.

The event attracts tourists from all over the country, eager to know and taste one of the most famous typical products of the province of Belluno and the Dolomites, the bean of Lamon.

Certified product as IGP (for protected geographical indication), the bean of Lamon has four varieties (Spagnol, Spagnolit,, Calonega,Canalino) all appreciated  during the festival, where visitors can enjoy a wide variety of traditional dishes prepared according to old local recipes such as stews and soups, prepared by restaurants and the booth set up for the occasion in the streets of the center of the village on the border with Trentino.

During the event, you will also be able to buy the product, to take home a taste of the Dolomites.

The program of the Festival of the Lamon Bean, in addition to tastings, also includes a full calendar of events: exhibitions by local artists, demonstrations and artisan laboratories markets in the area, shows inspired by the history and traditions of the country that make the three days on lamonese territory an unmissable event and appealing to individuals, restaurants, tourists and the merely curious.

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